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Get a Virtual Number in Russia Skype

A virtual number in Russia is a local telephone number obtainable in most cities in Russia that connects directly to your home or office phone, regular phone or mobile phone no matter where you are located worldwide. 

A local presence wherever you want to do business: 
With a virtual number in Russia your local office telephone number can be created in any city or country where you wish to do business. 
Your customers in that city can contact you for the cost of a local call - the call rings your office, whether you are in a nearby city or on the other side of the world! 

For overseas family and friends: 
Your long distance family and friends can contact you on your local International Phone Number - if you live inSydney and have family or friends in Moscow, you can obtain a Virtual Number with a Russian area code. 
Friends and family can call your Sydney and talk as long as they wish at the cost of a local Russian call - even though they are speaking to you in Sydney

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