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We provide affordable virtual direct phone numbers in 88 countries and 6700cities worldwide with forwarding service for local and international calls.


Who are we? is the international VoIP service provider which offers local phone numbers, virtual IP PBX, call-centers, virtual offices in 90 countries employees treat attentively  each client and give them personal  advice and assistance.

live support support stuff is assisting in all phases of registration process. 
Any question of the client is responded by a qualified answer. 
Become our client and you will appreciate the quality of our services! 

Get Your Virtual phone Number or Virtual SMS Number From, the company which treats  your business like its own. 

Phone call forwarding service from enables users to stay connected to their business anytime and anywhere.

Call forwarding service allows you to have a local phone number in over 88countries and hundreds of cities around the world.

Call Forwarding Service is Free for Skype and SIP.


Register and try our service for free.*


* To get the free minutes you need to register and contact us by any available means.
We provide a test telephone number with the ability to redirect incoming calls to any communication device.
Depending on the type of device is available FREE number for a period of 15 to 30 minutes.