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VoIP to your information is Voice over the Internet Protocol service. 
It helps people to make calls via the Internet all over the world in law prices. Phone call via VoIP to America from Russia for example costs only $0.1-0.3. It is not too much, isn’t it? So why not to set up telephone with VoIP to save your money on international calls? For example you have relatives abroad. 

Every caring parent wants to hear from their child the more the better. 

So you can use VoIP to be in touch with them all the time without spending huge amounts of money for roaming or spending a lot of time writing those letters.To call them all you have to do is to set up softphone to your computer or what is even easier to your mobile. 

But to receive calls from your parents you can buy a virtual number in a city they live. 

To make cheap international calls over your mobile and don’t think about roaming you can use a new app Freeje. a real innovation in the Internet telephony. This is convenient because it is always in your pocket. 

So everyone benefits: your parents call you by dialing the number in their city and you receive these calls everywhere in the world. 
Isn’t it convenient? 

Use VoIP to make your phone calls easier. 
There is a lot of information about how useful VoIP telephony in offices is. 
But it can not only improve your business but also help you in everyday life to be closer to your family and friends.