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VoIP is Voice over the Internet Protocol service. 

Nowadays telephony technologies are growing fast. 

So land line telephones are leaved in the past and don't have a big popularity among the subscribers. 

A new communication technology allows you to use Internet telephony. 

VoIP is simple, convenient, cost fair and popular. 

Many corporate people are already using VoIP telephony for their corporate needs. 

The greatest advantage of VoIP is that the phone calls over VoIP subscribers are free. 

Phone calls abroad are not expensive either. 

You don't have to think about roaming every time if you are using your mobile. 

There are two ways of using VoIP phone. 

You can use either hardware or software. 

If you are using any VoIP software or softphone 

The only problem is that you can't receive phone calls. 

VoIP is one way service. 

To receive phone calls you have to buy a virtual number and set up forwarding to your SIP account. 

The cheapest virtual number is on