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USA has been always a world leader in terms of consumption . 
America is often called a consuming nation , and it is justified because most of its production facilities are outside the USA 
Credit Cards boom and cheap credit also contribute to it . 
That is why foreign entrepreneurs are targeting USA as huge consuming market . 

Our company has gotten a lot of requests for USA direct numbers (cities like New York , Los Angeles , and Miamiwere in particularly high demand) . 
Chinese were the biggest group among the purchasers of USA numbers . 
By establishing their presence in , let’s say , New York , businessmen can get all the phone calls to their direct number transferred to wherever they are . 
This way they would be able to keep up with their business and get an enormous demand from USA 
Our company sells USA numbers for only 12$ a month and provides a full technical support 

Do not limit yourself to the capacity of your own country and discover the largest consumer market - USA .