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SMS virtual numbers

SMS virtual numbers

Perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who has never heard of short numbers and the possibility to send SMS messages to them. 

These numbers are opposed to the numbers of the mobile subscribers, and designed specifically to pay for certain services. 

These may be various quizzes and SMS voting, distribution of content (pictures, music, games and other things) for mobile phones, various requests for information or subscription, options to send messages to the radio stations, special codes for the prize drawings, etc. . 

The amount taken from the subscriber's phone bill for sending SMS to this number is usually much higher than usual outgoing SMS message to the subscriber's cellular number. 
The exact price is fixed for each number and is set by agreement between the tenant number (ISP) and mobile operator. 


A bit of theory: 

In order to buy a short number organization or a person has to conclude a treaty with the mobile operators that provide these numbers. 
The costs of prescribed text messages to this number are stipulated in the agreement. 
It is a fixed price and it does not depend of the text or code that is sent to that number. 
Typically, the funds received for sending such messages are divided between the tenant and the number of mobile operator in 50/50. 
Sometimes it is possible to buy an additional short number for the customers of the same sms number provider. 

Black list of short numbers. 
If you look closely, you can see that mentioned above sites are in subjects repeated the same short numbers. 
Usually, this: 
1121; 1151; 1161; 1171; 2810; 2858; 
3649; 3858; 4124; 4125; 4460; 5537; 
7122; 7132; 7733; 8355; 9395; 9690; 9693 

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