We provide virtual phone numbers in 88 countries, 6700 cities worldwide with call forwarding

On our site you can buy a virtual telephone number (DID) and to get an information about where and how to use it. It is not tied to your physical location and looks like a usual landline or mobile phone number. With a virtual number in one country you can receive incoming calls anywhere in the world to your mobile phone, Skype or an any other telephony devices.  With our services you can improve your business opportunities. is the international VoIP service provider which offers local phone numbers, virtual IP PBX solution, call-centers, virtual offices, etc. stuff takes care about each client and give them personal advice and assistance.

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Virtual local numbers are available in 88 countries.
Get Your Virtual direct phone Number or Virtual SMS Number on We will take care about your business in a best way. phone call redirecting service enables users to stay connected to their business anywhere and anytime. 
Here some more features:
  • Call Redirection Service is Free for Skype
  • Register and try our service for free. technical support team  will assist you in all phases of registration process. Any question is responded by a qualified answer.
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Local phone numbers are available in these countries: 

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